5 important points from scripture.

5 important points from scripture.

Couple of things we can learn from scripture.

1 – Jesus knows what you’re going through. When He helps you it’s not from a place of “I read that in a book,” it’s from the very real place of going through it.

2 – When finding leaders to help guide us through things there is power in those who have not just gone through the same things, but came out victorious!

3 – Leaders don’t hide what God has taken them through. Use your victories to encourage others as you lead them by example of what Jesus has done for you.

4 – Don’t do stupid things and say, “God is doing this to me so I can reach others.” That’s just an excuse to do stupid things!

5 – Always remember that even though Jesus can relate to what we have been through He NEVER sinned.

Hebrews 2:18

For since He Himself was tempted in that which He has suffered, He is able to come to the aid of those who are tempted.


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