PFFM of New Berlin PA

PFFM of New Berlin PA


Evangelist Angie Richard

It was approximately 10 years ago that God led me to PFFM! During my time attending, I had been freed from religious and legalistic mindsets! I also acquired more knowledge of what a five-fold ministry is all about and how it operates! The way Jason presented the Bible expanded my understanding and it grew within me a desire to know Jesus more and how His power and authority could be used throughout my life! I began to hear things in my Spirit more that would bring life and encouragement not just to me, but also to others! I want to be an instrument in helping to plant this ministry in the area where I grew up in order for others to receive a greater understanding and revelation for themselves! I also desire to see the people in my local area be healed, set free, and delivered in order for them to also fulfill what God has created them to fulfill for His Kingdom!

Freedom Journey

Every Tuesday at 7 pm through December 13th!

You can attend online via Zoom. Register Here!

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Bible Study

You can reach PFFM at 717-537-PFFM(7336) OR
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