PFFM Young Warriors

PFFM Young Warriors

Kids & Teens classes.

Welcome to PFFM Young Warriors! Our children are very important to us as they are the generations to come after us to carry on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God! There is no small size Holy Spirit, so we believe in teaching them early on about Spiritual gifts, learning what they are, what they have been gifted in and using them every day. We have our own children’s classes and curriculum called “Young Warriors” and a teen class specifically for ages 13-18 that is coming in early 2022 that we are very excited about! It is 100% Holy Spirit led and Biblically sound and grounded in God’s word. We care for children of all ages. Please note, if a child has bathroom needs and is unable to care for themselves in this manner, PFFM leadership will ensure the parent come and care for any of those specific needs.

Young Warriors is led first by our Director of Ministries, Bernie Seigman and a team of amazing PFFM teachers and volunteers. They absolutely LOVE seeing true spiritual, Godly growth in the young hearts whose parents have entrusted this instruction to them while at PFFM.  They pour themselves into leading our PFFM kids/teens to Jesus and it is an honor that is taken very seriously.

We pray that what they learn is not just for a one time teaching (which is always a SUPER FUN time!)…but for a lifetime of being Holy Spirit led, putting on their full spiritual armor, moving in the gifts, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! In short, PFFM develops Young Warriors who one day, God willing, will become strong, faithful and HS/faith-filled spiritual weapons of war in building the Kingdom and sharing the freedom and love that only God can bring!