Don’t skip the foundational truths.

Don’t skip the foundational truths.

An elementary level of understanding can “see” that it’s wrong, but it takes a college level of deception to “see” it as “right”! In other words; as a Christian have you ever known something is off, something is wrong, it’s just not right? It seems so obvious, plain as day, right there staring at you for all to see! You say something about it thinking, “well, everyone can see this is way off!” … only to find out … WRONG! Not everyone can! Then steps up the “know it all – know nothing – deep Christian” who after listening to them for 2 minutes realize, WOW, they have spent a lot of time and I mean a lot of time learning, growing, studying into a deception! When we skip the foundational truths about Christ thinking that they are too elementary for me … We produce exactly where we currently are in this nation spiritually … Deceived.

2 Tim 3:7 NASB20

always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.


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