Founder T. Jason Price Sr.


T. Jason Price is a bold and uncompromising, faithful servant of God and founder of Power for Freedom Ministries. He established PFFM in 2003 with his ministry “home” being in Pennsylvania, but continues to travel where God sends him to prophesy, preach and build the kingdom.

His call to ministry verse is Jeremiah 51:20-23. Jason was prophesied over at the tender age of eight years old that he would one day be a prophet. This gift has been proven true over the course of his life with accuracy, many healings, deliverances and testimonies as he operates as a seer/prophet with a teaching gift. He is licensed and ordained under Dr. Roberts Liardon of Embassy Global Network and is author of Freedom Journey 1 & 2, Defeating Fear and The Bridge School that focuses on igniting the passion between you and your gift and his newest book, “According to His Purpose”.   There is nothing more important to him than serving God and preaching the Word, seeing people come into the POWER and FREEDOM that only Jesus can bring, changing their lives forever. He is happily married to Jenny with three children. 

He is the author of , According to His Purpose, along with the creator and teacher of the following programs:
Freedom Journey: a 7-week course
Freedom Journey 2: a 4-week course
The Bridge: a 12-week school