Give it to Jesus.

Give it to Jesus.

Knowing that we all fall short and miss the mark, that we all need Jesus, and that none of us is perfect gives the comfort in knowing “I’m not the only one.” But what do you do with the alone, quiet memories of the things you’ve done that absolutely wreck you? You know the things you only remember when something triggers it, a drifting thought of the past, a moment of self-reflection gone wrong. Well, the truth is nothing makes that go away. No amount of drinking, smoking, drugs, medication, sex, avoidance, etc gets rid of it. The only way to get rid of it is to own it and give it to Jesus. Yes just like it sounds, give it to Him. Release that from your life. Along with all the guilt, hurt, anxiety, and shame it brings. This is an example of how to pray. You can use this if you’d like but I’d recommend you pray your way, from your heart, from you:

Jesus, I am sorry for (__________). I ask forgiveness for my actions along with anyone I have hurt. I am coming to you today asking for you to take this from me. Not just the memory but all that is connected to it. I give this to you. I ask that your Holy Spirit would fill the space that this took up in my life. That I would be full and without void. Thank you for taking that from me. I receive this healing today by faith and believe that by the power of your word and the washing of your blood I will never be the same again! Amen!


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