PFFM BOD Leadership

PFFM BOD Leadership


T. Jason Price is the President and founder of PFFM and sits on the Board of Directors. He is the author of “The Bridge” School, Freedom Journey 1 & 2, Defeating Fear, and a recently released book, “According to His Purpose.” He operates out of a Prophet/Seer and teaching gift, and his call to ministry verse is Jeremiah 51:21-23 which was given to him by an angel. Based on his own testimony of an absolutely broken life of drugs, sex, and a thirteen-year torment of anxiety, God delivered him on an unexpected day in an everyday Bible study. Jason will be the first to admit, “if He delivered me, He can deliver you!” He is married to Jenny Price, and between them, they have three children.



Jenny Price serves in PR, social media, leading worship, and sits on the Board of Directors. She is the founder of United Voices of Hope and Women of the Well and loves to help people build what God has called them to do, even using broken pieces! Jenny is the wife of T. Jason Price, founder of PFFM. Together, they have three children between them.



Bernie Seigman has been serving with PFFM since 2012. Currently, he is Director of Youth Ministries and sits on the Board of Directors. He especially has a heart for kids and youth to see them live to their fullest God-given potential. He has been married to Pastor Alicia of PFFM for twenty-five years, and they have three children.

Alicia Seigman


Alicia Seigman has been a PFFM women’s Pastor since 2012 and sits on the Board of Directors. She loves to serve wherever and whenever she can, including overseeing the cleaning team. Pastor Alicia truly loves to see women become the beautiful creation God has designed them to be. She has been married to Bernie Seigman, Director of Youth Ministries, for twenty-five years, and they have three children.



Hannah Hall is the daughter of PFFM founder T. Jason Price. Since the beginning, she has been part of PFFM and attributes learning how to lead from the example of all those who have been part of PFFM along the way. Hannah serves in the worship, audio/visual, and social media teams and sits on the Board of Directors. She loves all things creative and her favorite day of the year is always the first snowfall!



Michael Smith is from York, Pa. In 2011 he came to PFFM by attending a Freedom Journey and had a powerful encounter with the Lord that changed him forever! Michael has personally assisted with Freedom Journey over 30 times since and currently holds a pastoral license through PFFM, focusing on counseling, and sits on the Board of Directors. Michael is happily married to his wife, Cheri, and together, they have one daughter.