The foundation of Christianity is the word.

The foundation of Christianity is the word.

A spiritual attack of “deception“ is sweeping across this nation. It’s causing people to believe everything they are told is a lie. To question everything and everyone. Satan always twists what God is doing. I believe the Lord “showed” us the lies of this nation and is still continuing to bring the truth to the surface. Thank God for that! The problem is some people are allowing the enemy to plant the idea nothing is true, you can’t trust anything. People are using the response of we aren’t just to follow anyone, listen to anything, etc, and I agree 100%! However when our spiritual leaders are questioned more than they are received, when the Bible is in question we ALL need to make sure we aren’t going down a long dark tunnel of paranoia. The very foundation of Christianity is the word. What happens when we no longer trust the word?

I Pray the Lord would open our eyes to the truth of what is the truth!


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