The fruit of the word.

The fruit of the word.

Any prophecy connected to human choice (free will) should be judged by the fruit of the word, not by its accuracy. Jonah was NOT a false prophet, yet Nineveh was not destroyed as he said it would be in three days. Why? Because the people made a choice (free will) to repent and change. They turned to God. The fruit of the word is evident, but the accuracy in our understanding is not so much!

Religious people pass right by Jonah in this example, claiming that all prophecy must be 100% accurate or it’s not from God. They are speaking on an elementary level of understanding spiritual matters. The mature see God using Jonah to lead a revival of a nation at that time. Our prayer should be for God to send whatever it takes to bring salvation into the lives of our loved ones, friends, family, and nation, even if through a prophetic word that seems to have been missed by man’s standards but was 💯 by God’s!


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