The truth of Jesus in deliverance.

The truth of Jesus in deliverance.

During the process of deliverance ministry, it is very common for people to feel as if the enemy has gotten bigger. Especially for those whose deliverance becomes a process, not a one-time prayer.

What is actually happening is the “room” in which the enemy had in your life is shrinking. The “enemy” is still the same size he always was he just seems bigger.

Look at it this way. A mouse in a 10×10 ft room is hard to find, seen once in a while, noticed very seldom. Shrink that room to 5×5 ft and that same mouse becomes a little easier to find, seen more often, and noticed more. Now take that room to a 1×1 inch room and that same mouse is now the only thing in the room, the only thing you see, the only thing you’re going to notice. In fact, you will probably be able to hear that mouse, smell the mouse, etc.

This is the process of healing in deliverance. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy saying he’s getting bigger and stronger. Believe the truth of Jesus saying I’m filling the house!!… I’m shrinking the room!!!


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