The truth of what love produces.

The truth of what love produces.

The very powerful truth of what love produces. When we respond out of love we want to show love to those we love. In other words, your actions towards them are because you love them. Some people have been taught to “obey” Jesus because if not they will go to hell! The truth is the outcome is true but what is really being said is you will not have a relationship with Jesus and will be separated from Him. Now that will bother anyone who is in love with someone to not be able to be with them. In hell that is what I believe will hurt the most, the absence of a relationship with Jesus. One of the many problems with a fear-based “obey” is it will produce a distance in your relationships. A love based “obey” will produce a desire for closeness in your relationships. In love, we see the value in “obeying” and in fear we see the repercussions of failure.

John 14: 15 NASB20

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.


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