What to Expect

What to Expect

Come as you are!

What to Expect – Come as you are! We believe in the absolute, raw, and mighty miraculous POWER of God at PFFM! So no matter what your circumstance, or how you feel, God will meet you there. Your expectation? Expect God to move! 

How long are your services?

Typically approximately two hours, give or take a little bit depending on if you need ministry, prayer, prophetic words, and how the Holy Spirit moves…

How do you worship? 

We are a solid, Biblically grounded, Apostolic/Prophetic, Holy Spirit-filled, Charismatic ministry!  We have a team of people that are called to lead you to the throne of the Lord thru worship, in that, you may see and hear, clapping, dancing, flags, prayers, tongues, and lots of singing and praising.  We do believe in order, our God is a God of order so you will not be led in un-Biblical ways of worship or chaos. 

Do you have childcare? How about youth?

Our children are very important to us as they are the generations to come after us to carry on the word of God! There is no small-size Holy Spirit, so we believe in teaching them early on about Spiritual gifts, learning what they are, what they have been gifted in, and using them every day. We have our own children’s classes called “Young Warriors” and a teen class specifically for ages 13-18 that is coming in 2022 that we are very excited about! We care for children of all ages. If a child has bathroom needs and is unable to care for themselves in this manner, PFFM leadership will ensure the parent comes and cares for any of those needs.

What does a service look like? 

All of our services are Holy Spirit-led. The founder is Prophet T. Jason Price, he is an accurate Seer with a teaching gift. We begin with a leadership-led corporate prayer before service that you may see or even stand with if you choose. Then shortly after this, we have worship. After worship, a few announcements, our children and youth are dismissed to their classes, prayer, a time of offering/giving if you are led then a prophetic message begins with T. Jason. After the message, often God will speak to people thru prophetic words given by T. Jason.  It can be a very moving time for many people, so you may see some emotions stirring, this is the work of the Holy Spirit moving.  At the end, it is normally offered for anyone wanting to receive prayer, anoint with oil, the laying on of hands, or have time with God at the altar. Prophetic words are often given privately during this time by T. Jason. 

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