Dillon’s Testimony….

“Growing up in a fatherless home I always found it hard to love myself the way God loves me. Through the teachings at PFFM I can feel God’s love more and more as I fully understand and experience the deep love God has for me and I feel it at every service I attend at PFFM.”

Mike’s Testimony…

“I started to go to PFFM quite some time ago and what happened to me there is almost unbelievable. I was a man with no direction in life, an attitude, excuses about everything, a few addictions and no motivation to do anything about any of it. Life was disappointing, and I didn’t care.

Through PFFM and a prophetic word from T. Jason, I encountered God in such a dramatic way. Over the next few years, Jason would encourage me to push past my problems, drop my excuses and seek a real relationship with the Lord. Simply put, he would not let me quit. The man I am today is so different from who I used to be that I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t lived it myself.

That was several years ago, but to this day PFFM is still radically changing my life and Jason is still encouraging me to pursue a real relationship with God.”